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11+ Homeschool Chuckster's Event

Teen Connection's (a group for homeschooled children 11+ in NH and MA area) next event will be on May 18th (to avoid Memorial Day weekend). We will be going to Chuckster's in Chichester,NH, for mini golf, go carts, and other attractions (see their web site). 

I have reserved their tented area, and have gotten permission to have a little book exchange for anyone who wants to bring a box or two of books. I figured that we all have stuff cluttering our shelves and could have a little club book sale. Many teens are going on to college and there are little ones coming up who's parents might want to buy their old books. Anyway, if you want to reserve 1/2 a table to sell some books at please let me know. Tables are first come first serve. The cost of the event will be a $5 deposit per teen to the Venmo link  below (which will be returned to you at the event when you arrive, but will not be refunded to those who cancel after May 11 regardless of the reason for not attending).

The cost for the event will vary and be paid at the door for your choice of attractions. All the kids who sign up will be signed up for mini golf, but can choose to do other activities as well. As long as we have enough kids sign up (I'll let you know if we don't get enough) we get 25% off everything in the park. As I said, you can look at the website, but briefly, golf alone will be $6 with the discount. There is an unlimited pass that allows them to play with everything (I think) for $18 (regularly $24). The go carts were a big attraction last year. You can also pick and choose what you want to do and will still get the %25 off. They also discounted the food last year, but I don't know if that will happen this year. 

 Parents who want to golf can sign up as well and can go out in a group of parents after the kids have all started (no deposit for parents but you will get the discount). As always, no siblings or friends are invited to our events (other than Talent Show and Beach Day), even though it is an outdoor venue, so please leave the little guys at home.

So that is the general information. The Marching Orders will go out to those who sign up, in about a week. I will include more info about the book sale in that, but please reply to this if you want to have 1/2 a table

It is our last regular event of the year so I hope that all of you can come! Please reply to this email and let me know if you will or will not be attending. Hope to see you all in a couple of weeks!! 

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