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Homeschool Teen Masquerade Ball

A Masquerade Ball, with masks inspired by the Venetian Carnivals of the Renaissance Period and sponsored by The Homespun Group, LLC, will be held on Saturday, June 16th from 5:00pm to midnight at The Sheraton Diamond Ballroom, Williston Road, South Burlington, VT (about 149 miles from Keene)

Tickets are now on sale and will be offered at $40.00 per person until April 15th.  After that date, ticket prices increase to $50.00 per person. Our limit will be 60 students, so please register and purchase your tickets as soon as possible to get the best price and to insure your teen's space for this once in a lifetime opportunity.  This is "NOT" a dance strictly designed for couples, individual students are very welcome and encouraged to attend.  As a matter of fact, in past we have had far more singles in attendance at our dances than we have had couples.
The ticket price includes hors d'oeuvres, dinner, dessert, beverages, music, a photo memento and an evening of chaperoned all-around fun for homeschooled teenagers.

We will also be holding several mask making seminars prior to the ball for students who wish to make their own masks.  These classes will be an opportunity for students to gather, mingle and create the mask of their
dreams, limited only by the boundaries of their own imaginations.  These classes will be dependent on interest and details will be forthcoming.

Please contact the Cheryl M. Owens by e-mail at mommyo@gmavt. net or by phone at 802-434-3357 with any questions, to purchase tickets for the event and to register for the mask making classes.  Please note the codes of conduct and dress for our teen dance events below.

Warmest Regards,
Cheryl M. Owens, Executive Director
The Homespun Group. LLC
Homespun & Hands-On / Homespun Theater
mommyo@gmavt. net / 802.434.3357


The Homespun Group, LLC recognizes that student dress and grooming are generally a matter of personal choice; however, for the general welfare of students in attendance of this event we have established the following guidelines.

We ask that boys dress appropriately in dress pants, a collared shirt and a tie. Sports or suit coats are optional, but highly recommended.  Tuxes are a matter of personal choice.

Girls must dress appropriately, in a dress or skirt and blouse.  Choices should should strictly adhere to the following guidelines for Homespun events.
- Overall dress length and/or slits should fall just above the knee or
- Exposed backs should be no lower than the bottom of the shoulder blades.
- Undergarments should be well-concealed.
- No revealing bust-lines or mid-driffs.

WARNING: Students not adhering to the above dress code will NOT be allowed to enter the event and refunds will not be issued.


All music played, for the listening and dancing pleasure of the attendees, will be previewed by a parental panel and deemed clean and non-explicit, prior to this event.


Attendees are expected to exhibit respectable conduct at all times during the evening.  This event will be chaperoned by an adequate number of parents.

WARNING:  Students engaging in disruptive or improper behavior will be asked to leave the event and refunds will not be issued.

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