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WELCOME to our site of events for homeschoolers specifically near Keene, NH, southern NH, southeastern VT and northwestern MA! Visit daily for new events listed. See the About page for more details or to submit an event.

Popular Day

Thursday, February 9th Events


Time: 7:00 PM-7:15 PM
Place: Keene Public Library, Auditorium
Price: Free
Ages: Older kids

BIG EYES FOR THE EARTH...A revolution is taking place with large...or call it super large telescopes. In this lecture by Al Boudreau of Frosty Lane Observatory, VT, you'll find out about the current and near-future work on giant telescopes that will open up the universe as never before.
The program is co-sponsored by the Keene Amateur Astronomy Club.

Film at the Art Center

Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, Brattleboro, VT (about 18 miles from Keene)
Price: Free
Ages: Older kids

More Than a Month is a feature documentary film that follows Shukree Hassan Tilghman, a 29-year old African-American filmmaker, on a cross-country campaign to end Black History Month. Through this tongue-in-cheek journey, the film investigates what the treatment of history tells us about race and equality in a “post-racial” America. Combining cinema verité shooting, first person narration, expert and man-on-the-street interviews, archival materials, and graphics, More Than a Month creates a cinematic journey in the vein of documentaries like Roger and Me, Sherman’s March, or Blue Vinyl.

What's special about today?
Carol King's birthday, 1942
Alice Walker's birthday, 1944
Hershey's chocolate founded

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