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Thursday, January 5th Events

Tools of the Astronomer

Time: 2:15 PM-4:15 PM
Place: McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, Concord, NH (about 50 miles from Keene)
Price: $15 per student
Ages: All

Homeschool Program. 
Discover the instruments used by scientists to gaze into the depths of space. Level 1 will study what makes up the components of the telescope including different types of lenses and mirrors used in telescopes. Level 2 will delve deeper into the world of optics by building a telescope similar to one Galileo used and see planetarium show The Amazing Telescope. Level 3 will discover how scientists gather information from stars by using spectroscopes and studying the spectrum of various elements, and watch The Amazing Telescope.

What's special about today?
National bird day
George Washington Carver recognition day
Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge began
National whipped cream day

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