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Tuesday, December 6th Events

Transition Tuesday: Talk About Nuclear Power Plants

Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Antioch University, Community Room, Keene
Price: Free
Ages: Older crowd

While citizens around the world are increasingly concerned about how we can kick the global economy's addiction to fossil fuels, the role of nuclear power in our energy future is still controversial. Many, however, now question the safety of nuclear power after the recent disaster at the Fukushima reactor in Japan. Do you think there is any reason to question the U.S. plan to invest $36 billion in new nuclear power plants and extend the life of aging reactors, including those like Vermont Yankee with the same design as the Fukushima reactors? Are you open to considering other alternatives? If so, come to this Transition Tuesday talk and reflect on the impact of the continuous radiation pollution from nuclear power plants and the risk of a core reactor meltdown.

Hattie will also address the growing movement to close Vermont Yankee between now (her choice) and March 21, 2012, the date when the State of Vermont says that Vermont Yankee will have to close down. Transition Keene Task Force and Antioch University New England is glad to welcome Hattie to Keene to speak to us for December's Transition Tuesday event. Whatever our views on our best energy future, let's get together to listen to and discuss the important issues, and the potential citizen action opportunities raised, by Hattie's talk.

Hattie Nestel is a long-time safe energy activist who has worked for decades opposing nuclear weapons and war, and been arrested several times for engaging in civil disobedience in the region's campaign to close the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant and support safe and green energy options instead.

This Transition Tuesday event is co-sponsored by the Transition Keene Task Force and Antioch University New England

Free, Wheelchair Accessible, and Open To The Public.

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