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Stilt making workshop in Manchester

I am putting out feelers for a Stilt making workshop. It will be 4 hours long, in Manchester at Studio550, on a Monday or a Wednesday (11-3). If we can get enough families to sign up, it will be $10 per pair of stilts which includes materials, rental space, power tools, etc. I'd like to keep it at $10 but could go up to $15 to ensure the workshop takes place even if we only get a moderate number of people who commit. 

Please respond only if you are willing to commit to coming. I am trying to book the space and can't if I don't have an accurate head count of committed participants. Thanks!! I'm excited and hope to hold more workshops here 
 ( Ideas to come Harry Potter-like Food, Needle Felting Jewelry, Care and Feeding of Supernatural Creatures, Divination, Defense against practitioners of the Dark Arts, Mask Making, and more!!)


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